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I sew custom sweaters for your dog. Please feel free to email me with any and all questions and requests at Measure from base of neck to the base of tail for size. I am not responsible for any injured dogs from using these jackets, sweaters or harnesses.

DSC07444.jpg (162056 bytes)
XS fleece dog jacket $20 FRee US ship
Sweater fits dogs from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. It has 3/4 length sleeves to keep their little legs warm. It velcros on the back for ease of dressing them. A D-Ring is on the back to leash and walk them. This sweater was made when Mickey broke his elbow and had surgery. Slipping clothes over his head was impossible without hurting his leg. The dog can be walked with this sweater on but never left unattended tied up to something. Prints or solids will vary. Email me if you want a specific color or fabric. I can also embroider a name on them.

DSC07685.jpg (229494 bytes) DSC07690.jpg (98478 bytes) DSC07555.jpg (208989 bytes)
Toy size dogs flannel harness. $15 FREE US ship
Comes in XXS and XS only
Neck and belly velcro closed and D-Ring on the back to connect the leash to when walking the dog. Dogs should not be tied up unattended using this harness. My dog wears these all the time for warmth in the winter. They are lined with same flannel fabric for durability. Prints or solids will vary. If you want specific print or solid color then email me at 

XXS is for dogs 2 to 3 pounds 
Max around the chest is 9" and Max. around neck is 6"

XS is for dogs 4 to 6 Pounds
Max around chest is 14" and Max around neck is 9"

SmokeySweater2.jpg (217699 bytes)
15" Sweater $35 FREE US SHIP

Sweater is made from soft and warm fleece fabric. It slips over the dogs head. Seams are serged. Keeps the dogs legs warm as well as his body. Measure from the base of dog's neck to the start of his tail for size. Prints will vary. If you want a specific solid color then please let me know. Measure from dog's neck to the base of tail for size.

RoseySweater3.jpg (94625 bytes)
13" Dog sweater $27 FREE US Ship

This sweater is made from the same fabric as the larger size above. Sweater slips over the dogs head. I can make these sweaters from most any solid color that you want. I can do machine embroidery on them. It would be nice to have your dog's name embroidered on it or a cute saying. I can also make them in prints. Other sizes made upon request. Please email me at with questions.

MaxFullSweater.jpg (140995 bytes)
10" size dog sweater $32 plus ship

Sweaters can be made from any solid or print fleece. I can embroider your dogs name on the back of the sweater. Personalization is $10 extra.

TeddyBluePillowCase.jpg (107080 bytes)
Dog bed pillow case $35 plus ship

Pillow case is made from soft flannel and made to fit the pillow inside your dog bed. A piece of soft fleece is sewn on top of the flannel to make a nice soft bed for your pet. You can take if off the bed and wash it. No more washing the entire pillow. These are custom made to the size of your bed.

If you have any questions then please email me at

1998-2012 Copyrighted by Duds for dolls
You may sell garments with these designs sewn on them. It is illegal to trade, share, sell or redistribute the design files or the artwork in any form or manner.

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